The Craft Podcast – Episode 34 “ADDY – No Shortage, No Prescription Required” with Guest Tommy Vella

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When someone says it can’t be done, there are others that find a way. Tommy Vella developed with BOARD-CERTIFIED ADDICTION SPECIALIST DR. SAMUEL AMEN an active ingredient WGCP™ to create a plant-based stimulant called ADDY™. He took it one step further with clinical research and reviews. The WGCP™ clinical study was conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, rated one of America’s top hospitals by U.S. News and World Report. The Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit organization that does not endorse any particular product. They conduct clinical trials and report the facts and findings of the study. WGCP™ was clinically shown to increase focus and concentration for 5-6 hours with zero side effects. Addy™ is now on the market; it’s safe, effective, not a drug, and does not require a prescription. The Craft Host, Robert Van Arlen, is a huge proponent of ADDY™ and is excited to share the journey of the most effective plant-based stimulant for focus. 

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