The Craft Podcast – Episode 26 “An Actors Dream” with Jason Hervey

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The Craft Podcast Guest at 4, Jason Hervey, began his career appearing in over 250 commercials for some of America’s favorite brands. Before long, his visibility from the various commercials led him to several appearances in some of television’s most notable shows. He also appeared in cameo roles in such feature films as Back to The Future, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Back To School, Monster Squad, Police Academy 2, Meatballs 2, Tim Burtons Franken-weenie, and more. After appearing for two seasons in Different Strokes, Jason landed the role of Wayne Arnold in the Emmy Award-winning hit series “The Wonder Years.” From this platform and experience, Jason could leverage opportunities behind the camera as he began a career in producing.

Robert Van Arlen and Jason Hevery mix it up with a discussion about his extraordinary career, family, and love.

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